Burj Khalifa Light Shows

When someone working at the world’s tallest building contacts you and asks if you can create some cool animations for their daily light shows, you don’t say no!

“Turning the Burj Khalifa into a giant pinball machine has to be a personal career highlight”

There were no briefs for these shows, just an open invitation to create something fun to light up the Dubai skyline.

“Sound responsive 2d animation created in conjunction with lively music for an energetic light show”

This animation was created using sound reactive methods using particle effects. Part of the audio sound wave was clipped and converted to data for the visuals to respond exactly to the peaks and troughs of the music.

“Evolution of music. A personal favourite of mine”

This animation was based around the advances in the music industry and how we’ve gone from gramophones to a tiny little mp3 player in your pocket. This was a cheeky fun animation.

“Steampunk extravaganza”

The client specified steampunk for this and so I went to working on the 3d animation creating an environment that evolves through the various scenes. We have a huge vault unlocking, to gears and cogs, an electrical device and pipework. It took quite some time to create but it turned out really nicely!